Surround, Protect, and Develop.

Bark Entertainment, LLC strives to build up unique talents specially tailored to each unique individual capabilities allowing for the inclusivity of all music genres, entertainers, and other creatives coming together as a team and knowing our worth to accomplish a higher level of achievement. 

Working within the industry, Bark Entertainment takes strives into planning and executing unique concepts through the means of analyzing, strategizing, organizing, and creating which is at the forefront when developing the necessary steps for inevitable success. 

Connecting to the Next Innovation.

Utilizing the next stage in the industry, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and the Metaverse have been driving factors in innovative opportunities within the web3 space. Taking what music and entertainment are today in web2 and reshaping it, allows creators and collectors (fans) the chance to come into a new, unique, and rewarding space.

New Innovative Experiences.

Moving in a direction of fundamentally limitless creativity within the wave of blockchain technology is an exciting process. Through Bark Entertainment, the means of the company’s passionate teachings, managing, overseeing, and value-instilling strategies will encompass the efforts set forth moving together as these new concepts move into a groundbreaking web2 to web3 experience.

Optimization of Resources.

The goal of Bark Entertainment is to take the talent of each individual or group and strengthen it to its highest potential. The dedication to their unique craft will help in connecting dots, utilizing resources, and seeing results go beyond normal expectations. Allowing new concepts to be made while at the same time allowing for a deeper insight into bringing about a new wave of innovation, community, and expression. 

Located bicoastal in Nashville TN, and Los Angeles CA,

Bark Entertainment offers stability with both in-person and remote access to meetings, video, phone calls, virtual, and other creative facets.

Zach Lindenberg


I am a music industry business professional with hands-on experience in the production and organization of music performances. I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, have created multiple NFT projects, and am a certified mediator for the LA Bar.

Marketing programs I’ve been involved with include cultivating a network of professionals, negotiating partnerships, delivering presentations, and designing creative and customized strategies to promote new creatives. I’ve engaged with leaders, management teams, and web3 developers across diverse markets and states developing innovative opportunities within the NFT and web3 space.

Drawing on my education in psychology, I work with musicians and other entertainment creative facets to understand their career goals and challenges. Providing ongoing coaching and encouragement to help creativities achieve their full potential.

I am recognized as a productive and self-motivated entrepreneur who makes connections and leads collaboration throughout the US.

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